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Welcome! Carmen's Holistic Healing is transitioning to Paradise Reiki in Carlsbad CA. After moving across country and setting up a new healing space in Carlsbad a new business name was in order. My new address for in person treatment sessions is:

800 Grand Ave
Suite AG11
Carlsbad, CA 92008

As always distance sessions are available no matter where your body may reside.

About Carmen's Holistic Healing

"Each time I have a session with Carmen my body and mind improve. Her energy work is amazing. It's been a big help to reduce work related stress as well as improve my whiplash injury." Dianna S

"I have never felt so relaxed and renewed. Carmen is incredible, I can feel the energy, and warmth that she gives out.I don't want to leave." Jan B

"Carmen adjusts each Reiki session to your needs at that given time. You feel very protected, cared for and relaxed. You leave feeling great." Sue K

"After experiencing several Reiki healing sessions with Carmen I found her to be gentle and caring. Also I was more holistically balanced and freed of some major bodily discomfort. So, relax and enjoy!" Anonymous

"The Reiki sessions I've had with Carmen have been absolutely rewarding. They gave me such a deep relaxation and peace within myself than I have ever had before. Carmen has a natural ability as a healer and really gets in tuned with an individuals needs."
Lisa K. - June 2010