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About Carmen Tracey

Carmen Tracey is the Owner, Teacher and primary Energy Therapist at Carmen’s Holistic Healing. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and A Core Shamanic Practitioner. Carmen believes in honoring our ancestors and native teachings as well as using intention based practices for healing in the moment. She also believes it is vital to honor the future ones by re-weaving the tapestry with new healing stories. Carmen invites you to be part of this present community and to help her build a community of like minded healers and students. Her commitment to you as her client begins before you enter her healing space and continues long after you leave. She offers her support and compassion for you on your healing path and will share her knowledge and skills as a healer in all of her work for and with you. As a healer her number one goal is to help you be in touch with your true self, honoring your own ability to heal and grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Carmen believes in creating an environment for learning and provides ample opportunities for growth for her students. She networks extensively in the area in order to provide her clients with Holistic options when building their health care team. Welcome, please feel able to make a phone call or send a message to Carmen, as a client, student or fellow healer in community. 414-367-4325

Special Education

1998 – Present – Continued study and exploration of Shamanism with teachings from a Lakota Sioux elder with sacred ceremony, to advanced energetic theories with Kathleen Rude and Betsy Bergstrom. Her personal spiritual path follows the path of the elders deeply rooted in spiritual ecology and intention setting practices. She was blessed with a family who valued philosophy in spirituality and religion and thus explored many faiths around the globe, hence her natural fit with Core Shamanism. She has deep personal relationships with many guides and allies in the world of spirit. She has a deep connection to animals and considers communication with nature as fundamental to our spiritual growth as a species. She considers spirituality as fundamental to our health.

Reiki Master Teacher Fall 2010 – She completed a yearlong Reiki Master Teacher program through The Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine in Elm Groove WI with 100+ hours of clinical and hands on teaching of Reiki.

Chakras 2009 – She completed a Chakra and Advanced Chakra healing program through the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine.

Japanese Reiki 2010 – As part of her continued studies at the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine she completed a Japanese Reiki and Advanced Japanese Reiki program. These teachings explored the newly released and translated information from Usui Sensi’s teachings. Carmen has integrated these teachings into her Usui Reiki program, merging east with west. Inherent in the original teachings of Reiki are an integrated connection to the natural world, indeed the first part of the kami of the word Reiki contains the word Shaman. Reiki has been a natural extension of Carmen’s healing gifts.

Healing Locations in Wauwatosa on Menomonee River Pkwy and The Atrium at Rolling Spirit in Greendale WI

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