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Vujade was founded in 1996 as Evolve 2000. Vujade specializes in Dynamic Internet Application Development. This includes e-commerce systems, intranets and extranets, multimedia games and completely unique systems such as Spotnik, the web based 3DML editor. Our strengths lie in the mastery of middleware languages, database design, dynamic front-end technologies and multimedia design.

Vujade works with clients directly as well as through partnerships with companies such as MindSphere, Invisible Ink and The Young Group. We have worked for a variety of clients including Hewlett Packard, Informix, Flatland, Match.com, Liquid Audio, WomanBiker.com and Sundance Solar. Our partnerships allow more graphically oriented web design groups to quickly expand their technical offerings.

The syllabic reversal of dejavu, Vujade could be loosely interpreted as "the odd feeling that you haven't seen this before." Though merely humorous to some, and perhaps innocently offensive to the french, the term has deep meaning for us. We continuously aim to stay at the forefront of Internet technologies; our goal is to create and implement new ideas and systems. For us this means bringing the future to today. The sensation of Vujade is a real one, we strive to create that sensation in everything we do.

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